Why baby hairs? How the celebs do it?

Why baby hairs? How the celebs do it?

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What are baby hairs?

Baby hairs will appear during the anagen (growing) phase of the hair cycle get shorter. We mean that when the anagen becomes shorter, your hair cannot grow longer; that’s why you have baby hair. Also, these hairs are common in women after given birth.   
To define what baby hairs are: they are small, soft, light, and very fine-textured. It always sits along your hairline. Sometimes, it is called “vellus” or “peach fuzz”.  It is hard to style and does not lay flat on your scalp. 
You can easily find this hair among women of color with textured hair. Hollywood stars such as Zendaya, Rihanna,  Kim Kardashian, etc. are famous examples of this hair.
Note: The appearance of baby hair creates an irregular hairline. And it’s hard to style baby hair as they are too short to be straightened or permed. These hairs are lighter than the rest of the curls on your head; hence, it’s quite difficult to tame baby hairs. 


How The Celebrities Do It

The Grammy 2020 red carpet, for example, had two powerful celebrities adopting this trend. Alicia Keys stood out for her impeccably stylish baby hair, which included the use of Swarovski crystals, a glamorous look that was worthy of great awards. Her hair was also sculpted into the threads, giving off a slight wave shape around the face.

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As for JLo, for her Saturday Night Live promo, she created a waterfall of her baby hair and finished off the look with a low ponytail.  “Bronx in here.” That was the caption Jennifer Lopez put on this image she posted to her social media account. Chris Appleton, her stylist, who she also shares with the Kardashian-Jenners, is a trusted spokesperson for this trend, which clearly shows just by looking at his clients’ hairstyles.

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Check out other inspirations of the baby hair trend!


Just like J.Lo and her ponytail, Kim Kardashian is another great example of how important it is to wear your hair pulled back and kept tight, in order to really make them stand out.

kim kardashian, baby hairs, celebrities hair, how to wigs, ponytails


@badgalriri, the recipient of a British Fashion Award in the category of Urban Luxe

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The singer will inspire you to show them off in a natural and delicate way. Notice how wonderful she looks with a well-centered parting down the middle. It gives a very natural look to her hairstyle.

selena gomoz, celebrities, baby hairs, how to wigs



Raise the height of your ponytail and show it off with those ‘rebellious’ little hairs, to raise your hairstyle look to the next level, just like Rosalía.

So now you can see how those little hairs that were impossible to tame during your teenage years, can now work in your favor. Style them with devotion and show them off! Give the green light to your baby hairs and show them off just like the celebrities do.



@ciara, MetGala Look

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Kim and Klohé

If two Kardashians are showing off their baby hair in the same picture, you know it’s a must-have. Sergio Jiménez, hair and makeup specialist, spoke with Vogue Spain and explained that the most important aspect in creating the effect is to section off the little hairs from the rest before you shape them.

“It’s better to gently section them off, since the hairs will be thinner, shorter, lighter and it will be easier to define them when the time comes to comb them. I prefer to use a fine brush, or even a toothbrush, to separate them and make sure they’re well-defined.”

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@fkatwigs, 👼 or 😈?



To style yours like Kaia Gerber, the secret is to be very patient and do it carefully. To give them shape, it’s best to get them damp (after separating them) and with the help of some gel or styling product, start to shape them with a brush or a comb.



The clan, just like the approval of the trend, wouldn’t be complete without a Jenner. Thanks, Kylie! The youngest of the celebrity sisters is also a fan of putting her baby hairs on display.

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So, why not baby hairs?

That's just next-level hair! Visit our lace front wigs collection for more options.



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