Air Freshener (packing box, wardrobe, car, room)

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Fragrance type: Jasmine
Size: 9*6.5 CM, 2pc Air Freshener

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2. The aromatherapy tablets are completely exposed to the air and can be scented for 1-1.5 weeks, but the fragrance is too heavy and the flavor is evaporated. The persistence of the fragrance is determined by environmental factors

3. Correct use method, there is an inverted triangle type dotted line at the top of the bag, and the piece of the fragrant piece is pulled out by the dotted line and exposed to the air. This method can last for 7-8 weeks (space 5-6 square meters) test)

1. Plant extract, natural and environmentally friendly essential oil, healthy and safe, pure fragrance.
2. The fragrant tablets are made of plant fiber cotton paper, which absorbs essential oils and emits an aroma.
3. Not afraid of high temperature and sun exposure, high safety.
4. Suitable for interiors, offices, bedrooms, wardrobes, restrooms, etc.
5 This product is an economical fragrant film, which is a good helper to eliminate odor.

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